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Plans Library​

Be advised, Maintenance on the Plans Library is being conducted.  If you need assistance, please call 1-800-TRY-GEMA.

The Georgia Emergency Management and Homeland Security Agency develops, maintains and continually revises numerous planning documents which are used for managing and guiding wide ranging agency objectives critical to effective and efficient disaster coordination operations. These plans vary in scope and function and cross over very disparate disciplines.

This Plans Library contains the State of Georgia Emergency Operations Plan (GEOP).  Associated companion documents, including Annexes, Appendices, and Standard Operating Guides and Procedures may be available depending on the nature of the request. The GEOP is a comprehensive state emergency operations plan developed to ensure mitigation and preparedness, appropriate response and timely recovery from natural and man-made hazards which may affect residents of Georgia. It reflects the State’s focus on the protection of lives and property, with special sensitivity toward local emergency management agencies and the families within their jurisdictions.

Below are some documents that were developed to assist you with reviewing the various planning documents.

For more information, contact the Plans Section at (404)-635-7000