Flooded Neighborhood

Public and Local Government Assistance​

Public and Local Government Assistance is supplemental aid to local, state and select non-profit organizations for the specific purpose of response and recovery in state-mandated or providentially-declared disasters or emergencies.

Who Can Apply:

  • Counties that are included in the Federal Declaration
  • Any city, town, special district, regional authority, village or borough included in the declared county
  • State government agencies that assisted in the declared counties
  • Private non-profit organizations that own or operate facilities that provide certain services otherwise performed by a government agency​

Request for Public Assistance (RPA)
Private Non-Profit Questionnaire (PNP)
Please complete both forms and email to PublicAssistance@gema.ga.gov​, or fax to (404) 635-7065.

FEMA Extends Debris Removal Pilot Program Through June 2016

FEMA’s Public Assistance Alternative Procedures (PAAP) Pilot Program for Debris Removal is extending the performance period of the PAAP Pilot Program for Debris Removal (Pilot), authorized by the Sandy Recovery Improvement Act of 2013 (P.L. 113-2).

The extension will enable FEMA to collect additional data that will be used to evaluate the effectiveness of the alternative procedures and inform decisions as to which alternative procedures should be permanently incorporated into FEMA’s Public Assistance Grant Program.

Participation in the pilot program and use of the alternative procedures for debris removal is voluntary. The pilot is available to any applicant, upon request, for any major disaster or emergency declared on or after June 28, 2013, and until the end of the pilot program period. 

For more information on the extension of this program and the guidelines, see the attached Memo signed by FEMA’s Recovery Assistant Administrator, Alex Amparo authorizing the one-year extension along with Public Assistance Alternative Procedures Pilot Program Guide for Debris Removal (Version 3).