An Employee Working in the 24 hour State Warning PointState Warning Point

The mission of the State Warning Point is to receive and disseminate emergency and nonemergency information to and from state partners, responders and local governments in a timely manner. 

The State Warning Point operates 365 days a year, seven days a week and 24 hours a day. It receives and transmits notifications on a wide range of situations including impending weather (or other natural disaster) events, man-made or terrorist events, incidents at nuclear power plants, and transportation-related incidents.

The State Warning Point initiates missing child alerts known as Amber Alerts or Georgia's Levi's Call on behalf of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and receives reports of environmental incidents on behalf of Georgia Department of Natural Resources' Environmental Protection Division. Calls are also received and notifications desseminated on behalf of all Department of Natural Resources divisions. The State Warning Point coordinates with FEMA, The National Weather Service, Southern Nuclear, state agencies and Georgia's 159 counties. Additional communications capabilities for disasters are provided by FEMA, Civil Air Patrol and the Amateur Radio Relay League.

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