Field Delivered Training Schedule

Note: A GEMA/HS 2-1: Request for Training Form should be completed and signed by the local Emergency Management Agency director to request GEMA/HS field delivered courses. Please do not fill out or forward an online registration form for the courses listed below. If you are interested in participating in one of these courses, please contact the local EMA director or designated person at the number listed below:

Rescue Specialist
(16 hours)

Awareness for Initial Response to Hazardous Materials
(8 hours)

ICS / EOC Interface
(4 hours)

Brantley County in Nahunta
December 9-10, 2017

Warren County in Warrenton
January 27-28, 2018


​Barrow County in Winder
January 10, 2018

Cherokee County in Canton
January 11, 2018


​ ​​​​​