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In a continuing effort to effectively mitigate emergencies, as well as to be better prepared to respond to them, the Georgia Emergency Management Agency presents its emergency management training schedule. The courses are conducted at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center in Forsyth, GEMA's Atlanta headquarters, or in local communities by qualified instructors from within, as well as outside, the agency.

The independent study, emergency preparedness, and field program courses are designed for all personnel who are a part of the emergency management team. This includes: emergency management directors and staff; law enforcement; fire and rescue service; emergency medical service; public works; public health; 911 personnel and volunteers. Local elected and appointed officials are also urged to actively participate in these worthwhile training courses. Upon successful completion of GEMA courses, participants will receive continuing education hours from POST, EMS and Fire Services.

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FEMA Independent Study (IS) Program

General Information
Leadership - Grant K. Moore
Contact - (478)-993-4621

Exercise Overview

Experience and data show that exercises are a practical, efficient, and cost-effective way for a community to prepare for disasters. Research has shown that people generally respond to an emergency in the way they have been trained. It only makes sense for Emergency Services and Public Safety personnel to exercise their plans and procedures so they are better prepared to respond to and recover from an emergency or disaster.

Local EMA Requirements
The State of Georgia requires each jurisdiction conduct a minimum of two exercises per fiscal year, and that each jurisdiction conducts at least one full-scale exercise every 4 years.

The current exercise fiscal year reporting cycle runs from July 1 through June 30.

ACTUAL OCCURRENCES may be used for full-scale credit; if they meet the following requirements:
1. A minimum of 3 ESF’s must be activated
2. EOC activated or ICS established on scene with control of multiple agencies.
3. Must be an out of the ordinary event. Not a MVA or structure fire. “unless a city block is on fire”
4. Must have third party documentation attached to exercise report (letter from NWS, newspaper article, etc…)

After completing an exercise (or actual occurrence for full scale credit), please submit an Exercise Reporting Form to GEMA. Submittals and supporting documentation will be reviewed for completeness by the Exercise Unit, and if approved, will be entered into the State Exercise Database. You should report exercises on-line via this link.

EMPG Funded Personnel
EMPG funded staff must participate in a minimum of three exercises (of any type) per fiscal year. This requirement applies ONLY to EMPG funded staff of Grantee (State) and Sub-grantee (Local) agencies. Each agency must maintain their own records of compliance with these requirements (exercise sign-in sheets, letters of participation, etc.)

Professional CEM Exercise Requirement:
A candidate must participate in a full-scale exercise that is evaluated by a GEMA Field Coordinator or a representative from GEMA’s Exercise Unit. Actual occurrences may not qualify for the Professional Certified Emergency Manager (CEM) Program.

Please contact Grant Moore, GEMA Training Director, at 478-993-4621 for questions regarding GEMA Certification Programs.

If you would like assistance with facilitating, planning or coordinating your upcoming exercise, please contact:

Tod Keys
Exercise Program Manager
Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security
PO Box 18055
Atlanta, Ga. 30316-0055
Phone: 404-635-7224
E-Mail Address:

Scott Fletcher
Exercise Program Specialist
Georgia Emergency Management Agency/Homeland Security
PO Box 18055
Atlanta, Ga. 30316-0055
Phone: 404-635-2104
E-Mail Address:

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