State Warning Point

State Warning Point. Operates 24/7 - 365. Receives and transmits notifications on a wide range of situations to include impending weather (or other natural disaster) events, man-made or terrorist events, incidents at Nuclear Power Plants, and transportation related incidents. Initiates missing child alerts on behalf of the GBI and receives reports of environmental incidents on behalf of GA DNR-EPD. Receives calls on behalf of all DNR divisions and makes appropriate notifications. Interfaces with FEMA, State agencies and all 159 counties in Georgia. Augments communications capabilities for Civil Air Patrol, Amateur Radio Relay League and FEMA during disasters .

When emergencies and disasters of all types occur, the rapid and effective dissemination of instructions and essential information can significantly help to reduce loss of life and property. Because the broadcast industries provide a major source of news and information, it is appropriate for all levels of government to utilize these industries to disseminate emergency information to the public during disasters.

Emergency Alert System

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