Georgia Emergency Operation Plan

The Georgia Emergency Operations Plan (GEOP)
The Georgia Emergency Operations Plan (GEOP) is a comprehensive state emergency operations plan developed to ensure mitigation and preparedness, appropriate response and timely recovery from natural and man-made hazards which may affect residents of Georgia. All actions undertaken by emergency management focus on the protection of lives and property, with special sensitivity toward victims and their families. The Georgia Emergency Management Agency encourages education and training to prepare the citizens of Georgia to respond to an emergency or disaster in the most cost-efficient manner.

The GEOP is organized based on the authority of the state government for emergency management and contains specific Emergency Support Functions (ESFs). Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are the responsibility of the primary state agency or organization for each ESF in coordination with other supporting agencies and organizations.

Base Plan

Georgia Emergency Operations Plan - 2013 (GEOP)


ESF 1-Transportation
ESF 2 -Communications
ESF 3- Public Works & Engineering
ESF 4- Firefighting
ESF 5-Emergency Management
ESF 6- Mass Care, Emergency Assistance, Housing & Human Services
ESF 7- Logistics Management & Resource Support
ESF 8-Public Health & Medical Services
ESF 9- Search, Rescue & Recovery
ESF 10-Hazardous Materials
ESF 11-Agriculture & Natural Resources
ESF 12- Energy
ESF 13-Public Safety & Security
ESF 14-Long-Term Recovery & Mitigation
ESF 15-External Affairs

The Georgia Hurricane Plan (2013)
The entire State of Georgia is vulnerable to tropical cyclone-related hazards. The Georgia Hurricane Plan establishes the overarching framework for protective actions pertaining to the preparedness, response, and initial recovery from hazards associated with tropical cyclones.

Georgia Hurricane Plan

Statewide Shelter Plan
As the lead agency for Emergency Support Function (ESF) 6: Mass Care, Human Services, Housing and Emergency Assistance, the Georgia Department of Human Services (DHS) is excited to announce the completion of the State Mass Care Shelter Plan. Development of this plan was a long term collaborative effort which included input from a variety of partners: Georgia Emergency Management Agency / Homeland Security (GEMA), American Red Cross, the Georgia Department of Public Health, the DHS-Division of Aging Services, Georgia VOAD, FEMA Individual Assistance Program, the State ADA Coordinator’s Office, and primary and support agencies and organizations with ESF 6 responsibilities.

This plan is an appendix to the ESF 6 Annex to the Georgia Emergency Operations Plan (GEOP). It describes how state level mass care agencies and organizations plan to communicate, coordinate and support local jurisdictions’ shelter operations during disasters. This plan is available to local emergency management agencies and their partners via email and the GEMA website. Local Emergency Management Agencies (EMAs) are encouraged to review the plan with their local partners and to submit questions and inquiries to GEMA. This will enhance coordination and communication and expedite the state’s ability to provide resources in support of local response.

State Mass Care Shelter Plan- Executive Summary
State Mass Care Shelter Plan

Georgia Snow and Ice Plan (2013)

The potential for snow and ice poses a hazard to Georgia each winter, and a significant snow and ice weather event typically affects multiple counties. This plan is intended to help Georgia organize state-level response procedures to mitigate the impact of such an event. The purpose of the Snow and Ice Annex is to coordinate activities among state agencies to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a significant snow and ice event that impacts Georgia.

Snow and Ice Annex (2013)