GEMA/Homeland Security offers employment opportunities in a number of fields including planning and program coordination, grants management, exercise coordination, administrative support, accounting, budgeting, public information, field support to local entities and schools, logistics, and communications.

Our work is interesting and challenging and affords employees the opportunity for a public service career. We help people before or after disasters, working to protect life and property and to prevent and/or reduce negative impacts of terrorism and natural disasters..

Current Job Openings:

All active GEMA job openings will be posted at the website. (Listed under the agency name OPB)

The following positions are now open:


GEMA Intern and Fellowship program.docxGEMA Intern and Fellowship program.docx
Exercise Intern Announcement Fall 2014.docxExercise Intern Announcement Fall 2014.docx

For more information please contact:
Gary Hoy
Human Resources Specialist
Office: (404) 635-7044

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